Legal Insight’s Top 10 Articles from 2015

As we kick off the start of another new year, what better time than now to take a look back at the year that’s been. What were our biggest challenges? And what new opportunities did 2015 bring for the Australian legal industry?

We’ve compiled a list of our hottest articles from 2015 for your reading pleasure – from paperless and virtual offices to legal process outsourcing and the new Legal Profession Uniform Rules; 2015 was certainly an eventful year for the legal sector.

1. Lessons learnt: switching to a paperless office

With all of the documents we receive in digital form these days – from emails to text messages, electronic documents, PDFs and online banking transactions – why convert them to paper? More importantly, what does paperless really mean and what benefits could it bring to your firm? Read more

2. 4 growth sectors driving a need for legal services

Ever wondered how some firms just manage to be in the right place at the right time? It’s no accident. Smart managers know how to spot opportunities that will enable them to rise above prevailing conditions and cultivate a thriving practice – no matter the market. Read more

3. Legal process outsourcing: what you need to know

Client demand for more competitive fees, coupled with the advancement of information and communication technologies, has fuelled a market for outsourced legal processes, both in Australia and abroad. What may have been labelled a ‘trend’ some years ago is now a thriving business model for many Australian firms. Read more

4. The future of law firms: expansion or niche?

If law firms are to survive the radical transformation making waves through the legal industry, they must evolve their business models in line with changing expectations, technology and service delivery trends. Read more

5. How the new Legal Profession Uniform Rules impact you

On 1 July 2015, the Legal Profession Uniform Rules took effect, introducing a range of new and modified practice norms and altering the way firms do business. Read more

6. 4 steps to boost your emotional intelligence

It takes more than a high IQ to be a good lawyer. Your emotional intelligence has a marked impact on your ability to build strong client relationships, manage occupational stress and minimise professional liability risks. So what is emotional intelligence? And what practical value does it have for lawyers? Read more

7. Should Australia introduce technology standards for law firms?

With innovative technology and cutting-edge tools popping up at breakneck speed in the Australian legal market, is it time to introduce technology standards for the legal profession? Read more

8. Cybercrime: the risks and how to avoid it

With computer-related fraud, identity theft, hacking and violations of network security now commonplace in our globalised society, how do we deal with online security risks? Read more

9. 3 ways to use technology to improve client relationships

Social media, mobile technology and globalisation have revolutionised the way lawyers engage with clients. As we move further away from traditional methodologies, the pressure is on legal practitioners to listen, learn and adapt core communication skills to meet clients’ needs. Read more

10. What’s the forecast for the insurance industry?

People are living longer, there are superannuation or pension deficits, and financial catastrophes seem to be emerging across the globe. All these factors are creating enormous opportunities and challenges for insurance companies. Read more

So what are your predictions for the year to come? Will we see the decline in demand for legal work that we saw in 2015? Will the rise of unconventional law firms continue to cause disruption and confusion for the larger law firms? Only time will tell…

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