Using AI in law firms to manage clients better and grow relationships

Transformational technology is reshaping industries at lightning speeds, and the legal sector is no exception. Artificial intelligence (AI) in law firms has been around for decades but generative AI is expanding its scope to enhance the client experience.

More than half of all legal professionals (56%) surveyed in the Tech & the Law 2023 report cited transformation of their firm’s client service delivery models as a top priority in the next 12 months, and 51% of these legal professionals believe that generative AI will help them service their clients better as well as advance the rule of law.

In this blog, we explore ways in which law firms use AI to manage and grow client relationships.

Law firms use AI to personalise client experience

The ability to tailor services to individual client needs has become a cornerstone of law firm success. Leveraging AI-generated insights empowers lawyers to understand clients at a granular level, and tailor communication to individual preferences. This sets the stage for a more client-centric lawyer-client relationship.

Generative AI’s predictive analytics further enhance a personalised approach by anticipating client needs through past interactions and case histories. This proactive strategy improves client satisfaction by addressing needs before they surface. It also demonstrates a heightened level of responsiveness.

There are many AI tools available for lawyers and solicitors to use in Australia. But not all are created equal. Sophisticated tools like CoCounsel Core can streamline administrative tasks and enhance the overall onboarding experience for new clients.

“CoCounsel Core allows legal professionals to quickly gain deeper insights and produce better work using a comprehensive set of generative AI skills.” Catherine Roberts, Senior Director, AI and LegalTech, Thomson Reuters 

Creating these personalised experience with AI creates a more engaged client journey, enhancing overall satisfaction and establishing robust, long-term connections.

Law firms hasten response times with AI chatbots

In the quest to foster more seamless and efficient client interactions, law firms are increasingly turning to AI chatbots. Implementing these intelligent bots enables lawyers to provide real-time responses to client queries. The 24/7 availability of AI chatbots offers a constant point of contact for basic enquiries, leaving clients feeling heard and promptly attended to.

Beyond instant communication, AI chatbots bring a layer of sophistication by analysing client data. This analytical capability allows for personalised follow-ups, enabling law firms to understand client needs at a deeper level.

The chatbots are armed with insights derived from client history so can proactively suggest legal services to clients. Leveraging this AI in law firms not only streamlines the client’s journey but also strengthens client to lawyer communication through automated notifications.

AI transforms lawyers into strategic advisors

Using AI-powered tools to free up time is not a new concept, However, the evolution of generative AI tools like CoCounsel Core take this capability to the next level. Beyond the day-to-day operations, AI tools speed up research tasks, making it easier for lawyers (and clients) to find information efficiently.

“Close to one in three legal professionals (28%) revealed know-how and precedent solutions to be the greatest driver of positive impact.”

Source: Tech & the Law 2023 

While the use of generative AI in law firms might reduce billable hours, it also opens opportunities for growth and a new value exchange. By automating operational and research tasks, lawyers can redirect their efforts towards more strategic work. Cultivating client relationships or bringing in new business are things that AI can’t replicate.

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Lawyers adopt AI for business growth

As we peer into the not-so-distant future of legal practice, the growing integration of generative AI in law firms will continue to reshape client interactions and redefine the landscape of legal services.

Tapping into AI to personalise client experiences and provide instant response times is already ehancing client relationships. It also frees up time for lawyers to provide more strategic guidance. To be more efficient, some lawyers are even learning about prompt engineering to get the most out of generative AI.

CoCounsel Core is contributing to law firm transformation, as the most skilled AI assistant available for lawyers in the market.

As lawyers increasingly adopt AI capabilities, it will become more than just a technological aid but a catalyst for business growth, as satisfied clients are more likely to refer others and provide repeat business.

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