Legal and Practical Implications of “#MeToo” [Toolkit]

The #MeToo movement has led to a rise in public awareness around sexual harassment in the workplace, increasing the pressure on organisations to ensure their legal teams and all staff know how to respond to sexual harassment allegations and take steps towards an improved corporate culture.

In-house counsel and private practitioners alike may be called upon to provide legal advice touching on multiple areas of the law, as well as providing practical and commercial guidance to their organisations in the event of a crisis such as a #MeToo claim.

“Campaigns, such as the #MeToo movement, with significant media and political coverage build awareness among employees and the broader public about the parameters and obligations of employers. Boards, leadership and legal teams that stick to business as usual during a movement like #MeToo risk alienating staff, increasing workplace complaints, and potentially brand and reputational damage. However, a swift response from management that initiates a review of workplace policies and processes, confirms expected standards of behaviour and how behaviour inconsistent with those standards will be managed, and reinforces the role of the leadership team in setting the culture of an organisation can substantially mitigate business risk,” says Linda Taylor, Head of Employment at Practical Law Australia.

In this toolkit, we offer a sample of Practical Law Australia resources that are designed to assist with this process and arm you with the latest legal knowledge and industry best practice, including:

  • Practice Note: Directors: Vacation of Office
  • Practice Note: Corporate Governance, Corporate Culture (excerpt)
  • Practice Note: Shareholder Activism, ESG Activism: Gender Diversity on Boards (excerpt)
  • Legal Update: Number of Female Directors on ASX Stalls
  • Practice Note: Overview, Social Media: Claims
  • Practice Note: Social Media Marketing
  • Legal Update: Sexual Harassment a Valid Reason for Dismissal (FWC)

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