Coleman Greig Meet Service Level Agreements and Remain Competitive with Document Automation [Case Study]

Best Practice in Action: Coleman Greig (Case Study)
Best Practice in Action: Coleman Greig (Case Study)

Since investing in Softdocs over 10 years ago, Coleman Greig have yielded significant time savings, reduced risk and increased client consistency. Coleman Greig have been loyal Softdocs customers for over 10 years, prior to which, they had no document automation tool in place.

They were looking for a solution that provided three key things:

  1. Streamlining document production
  2. Standardising documents
  3. Standardising and delivering a clean client experience.

Even back then, Softdocs was the leading document automation solution, providing these three things as well as a document storage system, so making the decision was simple. Warrick McLean joined Coleman Greig in 2006 as general manager, and works extensively with the other principals and staff to identify, facilitate and implement the firm’s strategic direction.

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When asked about the business outcomes Softdocs has helped achieve, Warrick stated these benefits:

  • Consistency
  • Enter the data once – “one source”
  • Significant time savings in document production = able to meet SLA’s and be able to remain competitive
  • Reduced risk issues
  • Consistent client experience
  • LawDocs integrates with our practice management system
  • Backend technology is accessible and relatively easy to use
  • Hotdocs allows for variables, repeats and selected clauses to be used in complicated contracts
  • LawDocs integrates seamlessly into our workflow automation tool.

While they had no reservations about the implementation process and learning a new system, Warrick pointed out that it does take resources and time to get to the end point. However, it is clear from this comment that the efficiency gained far outweighs any implementation and training time:

“It still surprises me that firms in 2013 still have no formal precedent management tool in place. Why take 45 minutes to complete a statement of claim when it can take you 5 minutes or less with Softdocs?”– Warrick McLean, Chief Executive Officer, Coleman Greig

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