5 of Your Best Law Firm Marketing Tactics

In busy law firms, productivity is key and non-billable activities such as law firm marketing are often neglected. However, as it turns out, even the busiest lawyers can benefit from going online. If you and your firm have serious growth in your sights, a law firm marketing toolbox for an active online presence is essential.

However, to make the right impression, choosing a platform is only half the battle. You’ll also want your time online to contribute towards building your personal and law firm’s brand, reputation and customer relationships. Here are five ways to do it.

1. Find your voice

Think about the blogs and media outlets you visit every day. As well as offering useful information, they probably also do it with personality and flair. Granted, this is easier said than done with the law, but at the very least your online voice should be helpful, positive and customer friendly.

2. Yes, content is king

Blog posts, case studies and news articles can enhance your credibility and ‘pre-sell’ your services to potential clients. Make sure you have a legal website that is database driven for easy updating, and don’t forget to include relevant search keywords in your website’s body text, headings and tags to make it easy to stand out in search.

For more tips on how to ensure your law firm’s website reaches Google’s top search results page, download our free guide: Law Firm Marketing: 6 Steps to Help Your Firm Reach Google’s Top Page

3. Go social, be social

Many lawyers are reluctant to dip more than a toe into the social media space, viewing it as a waste of time. But when integrated with your blogs and website, it can be a powerful way to network, win referrals and make your practice look welcoming, rather than daunting, to potential customers. It can also be a great way to attract younger, tech-savvy recruits.

4. Take the inbound approach

A professional website is a must, and so is a Google+ page if you are fishing for local clients. But just like fishing, you still need to use the right ‘bait’ at the right time. Aim to write a new blog post each month, maintain an active social media presence and work on building a distinctive online persona.

Stanley Hong, our web content editor, offers some great advice on legal website design. Read the full article: Tips to Turn Your Legal Website into Your Best Asset

5. Be a good listener

For many lawyers, referrals and repeat business are critical for driving revenue growth. Online conversations can give you a much better picture of your customers’ service expectations. Showing genuine interest in the issues that affect them is a good way to cultivate healthy long-term relationships with your clients.

There’s no denying that online marketing can be very competitive, but the tools available are also becoming much more powerful and cost effective. With planning and persistence, even the smallest firm can make a big splash online.

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