Law Firm Marketing: 6 Steps to Help Your Firm Reach Google’s Top Page [Guide]

Want to know how to get your law firm noticed in an online space? Digital law firm marketing may sound strange, but the tools of the digital world – blogs, Twitter, iPads, Google and other search strategy – have become intrinsic to how successful law firms get noticed. We have now reached a point where entire reputations are shaped around online activity.

Think about your own personal information discovery preferences. Do you use the Yellow Pages or Google? For industry news and views, do you rely on paper-based media or do you read blogs? If you’ve gone digital, your customers are likely to have gone digital too.

In this guide, we explore simple to more detailed online law firm marketing tactics, you can adopt to help get your legal practice noticed in an online environment.

Table of contents

  • Introduction: Small firms, big challenges
  • Step 1: Review your law firm website
  • Step 2: Optimise for search engines
  • Step 3: Get social
  • Step 4: Provide great content
  • Step 5: Go mobile
  • Step 6: Measure and test

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