Client Data: Secure as the Weakest Link [Whitepaper]

In this whitepaper, published by Thomson Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute, authors Daniel Garrie and Rhea Siers examine some of the vulnerabilities that law firms face in keeping their own internal data and client data safe from cybersecurity attacks.

“Law firm culture has long focused on the ability of lawyers to bring a high level of thought and analysis to every legal case on the firm’s roster. However, similar care has not been spent by firms when it comes to data security. Without data security, client files may inadvertently end up on a file server in China, Brazil or perhaps even Russia,” the authors write.

The authors also offer several cost-efficient solutions to help law firms and companies remedy this growing and potentially disastrous problem.

Download your copy now to learn about cost-efficient solutions to tackle this growing and potentially disastrous problem.

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