Chapman Tripp Has ‘Contract Express Experts’ (and Looks Forward to Training More of Them)

The story behind Chapman Tripp’s transition to implementing document automation processes in the firm is an interesting one. It all started with a pitch.

As is characteristic of a leading commercial law firm, Chapman Tripp jumped at the opportunity to assist a legal team with unique needs. The challenge involved churning out a large volume of construction contracts for the legal team’s new, government client. While Chapman Tripp did not have a document automation in place as of yet, it did not stop them from securing the client. 

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“As part of our pitch, we offered to support drafting contracts manually for a few years but eventually in the future, we would deliver a completely automated solution. We were successful in that pitch, however, we knew we needed the right tool for when the automation phase began,” explained Tim Sherman, a Partner at the firm. 

Some time later, the search was on to find an automation tool that required very little programming, which operated the way lawyers think, but was robust enough to handle 1000’s of contracts a year without falling over. Chapman Tripp opted to partner with Contract Express, which is still in place today.

“It worked straight away out of the box, with very little technical effort required to set it up”

– Tim Sherman, a Partner at Chapman Tripp

By way of example, Contract Express has helped Chapman Tripp process and deliver just north of $200 million worth of construction contracts for a single client. These contracts have ranged anywhere between, $5,000 to $500,000 to $5 million. Happy and satisfied with how the Thomson Reuters’ solution has helped the firm develop robust automated solutions for clients, they continue to train up their own ‘Contract Express experts’.

“We look forward to building capacity and training more staff within the firm to become Contract Express experts – we have quite a few who have the aptitude and attitude”

– Tim Sherman, a Partner at Chapman Tripp

The law firm partner added that Chapman Tripp is always looking so solve more client problems, so having more staff being across the right tools will help them prepare for such opportunities.

“Our partnership with Thomson Reuters has been solidified throughout this process and we look forward to working together into the future regarding advancements in document automation technology development,” concluded Tim. 

To read more about Chapman Tripp’s success with implementing Contract Express, the Thomson Reuters document automation solution, download your complimentary case study on this page. For further practical tips on revamping your document automation strategy, head right over to our informative webinar.

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