Barristers: Develop and Promote Your Personal Brand

In today’s hyperconnected world, your online and personal brand is one of your biggest assets. So how can barristers develop and promote their brand?

For legal professionals like barristers, it’s important to stand apart from the crowd. To do that, you need a reputable brand. Here are some steps to becoming well known.

What are your brand values?

Brand values help companies and individuals emotionally connect with their customers and peers. These values should be visible in everything from your website to how you communicate with clients. Before you look to build a personal brand, take stock of your own values.

Write down your top 10 personal values – for example, do you prefer mediation to diplomacy? Are you more in favour of consistency over changeability?

Then, think of past cases you have worked on that align with your values. You can use these examples as case studies on your website to illustrate your values to clients.

Meanwhile, drill down on the main things in your service offering you want to promote. Are you looking to trade on your knowledge of niche areas of law, or do you want to advise on a broader set of issues?

Now it’s time to get your personal brand out there.

Say hello online

With prospective and existing clients able to research you with the click of a button, it’s imperative to have a strong online presence.

Give authenticity to your personal brand by clearly displaying your mission statement on your website. Your statement should include your personal values and tell a story about how you got to where you are today.

Consider embedding video tutorials on your website – this is a great way to introduce yourself to clients while also demonstrating your expertise.

Encourage visits to your website with a regular email newsletter. Using cost-effective software to send out e-bulletins will help you target a broad contact base. Ensure you stick to short and sweet articles on timely issues to keep readers interested.

Don’t forget social media. LinkedIn is a key way to build trust in your business by posting thought-leadership articles for colleagues and followers to share.

Give your online content a boost by posting your articles, videos and other updates on your Google+ profile, which will help them appear in organic search results.

Walk the talk

Once you have online covered, keep an eye out for networking events to leave a lasting impression on colleagues and potential clients.

Seek out publishing and speaking opportunities, as these are good avenues to showcase your knowledge base.

Lastly, ensure you follow up on completed cases with solicitors and let them know you are available for further consultation – this will solidify your reputation as a trusted and approachable barrister.

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