AI Toolkit: Lawyers Weekly Partners Summit 2024

Exciting times are upon us in the legal industry, especially with the integration of advanced technologies shaping our practices and principles. As the Principal Partner of the upcoming Lawyers Weekly Partners Summit 2024, Thomson Reuters is proud to spearhead discussions on a pivotal evolution within our sector: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI is not just a buzzword; it’s a transformative force. At the summit, our panel discussion, “AI must-knows: Practical use cases, how to create value and why now is the time to get started,” aimed to demystify AI for legal professionals. Our panel shared how AI can not only streamline operations but also unlock untapped value within your practices, offering richer, more nuanced insights into legal research and decision-making.

For years, Thomson Reuters has been at the intersection of law and technology. We understand the complexities and nuanced demands of the legal industry. Our engagement in AI enhancements across global jurisdictions has positioned us as a trusted AI partner, committed to delivering reliable and forward-thinking solutions.

Special Offer: Complimentary AI Toolkit

To support your AI journey, we are offering a free AI Toolkit, developed by our Practical Law team. This comprehensive resource includes critical insights on:

  • Legal Frameworks: Understand the implications of AI in intellectual property, product liability, and data protection.
  • Regulatory Guidance: Navigate through the Australian regulatory spectrum regarding AI, including key government guidelines and state developments.
  • Global Perspective: Access Practical Law’s global resources spanning the US, UK, EU, China, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Download your copy of the AI Toolkit via the form on this page.

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