That’s a Wrap: Practical Law Reflects on 2022 and Looks Ahead to 2023

Join the Practical Law team for a look back at 2022 and learn what 2023 holds for the legal profession. PLUS download our free end-of-year (EOY) report template and accompanying Practice Note for General Counsel.

In this video, our team shares key highlights, what’s anticipated in the year ahead and the resources they are working on to keep you up-to-date on the very latest in legal development and practice.

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Bonus Resource: General Counsel End-Of-Year Report

As the reporting and planning season commences, General Counsel can use this template end-of-year (EOY) report and accompanying Practice Note for General Counsel to describe their responsibilities, their personal performance and the performance of their teams. Including integrated drafting notes, important explanations and drafting tips, topics covered include the importance of EOY reports, suggested contents of EOY reports and EOY report best practices.

The breadth and importance of a general counsel’s duties make it imperative for an organisation to understand those duties and to track the general counsel’s performance and the performance of the general counsel’s teams. In addition to receiving regular updates from their general counsel during the year, organisations should require them to provide written end of year (EOY) reports describing their:

  • Responsibilities.
  • Personal performance.
  • Team’s performance.

A general counsel’s EOY report can provide a board of directors, executive leadership and organisational colleagues with valuable insight and information about the performance of the general counsel, the legal department and the other departments the general counsel manages.

EOY reports can not only help organisations run efficiently, effectively and profitably, they can also help general counsel successfully discharge their duties, skilfully manage their staff, provide expert legal, advisory and other services, and achieve superior results for their organisations.

Access your copy of the template end-of-year (EOY) report and accompanying Practice Note by Practical Law via the form on this page.

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