LawTech Talks: Reflections on tech trends in 2023

Thomson Reuters’ Head of Commercial and In-house at Practical Law, Tyrilly Csillag, and Director of Client Relationships, Shelley Mulhern joins LawyersWeekly in a special episode of LawTech Talks.

Tyrilly and Shelley with LawyersWeekly discussed the key takeaways from legal tech developments and utilisation in the last 12 months, how teams both in-house and in private practice have had to adapt and evolve, and what the rise of generative artificial intelligence, in particular, has meant for legal service delivery.

Tyrilly and Shelley further detailed what those teams on the ground are saying about such tech developments, concerns around cyber security, the nexus between tech utilisation and staff retention, rethinking professional development pathways, what the experience of lawyers will look like in 2024, trends to anticipate in the coming year, and how Thomson Reuters can continue to assist private practitioners and in-house teams in ensuring best practice.

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