How Social Media Can Help Lawyers Gain More Clients

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ offers lawyers the chance to reach an unparalleled number of clients that was not always possible in the past, and even the smallest practices can carve out a niche via social media.

Yes, it may be difficult for some sole practitioners and small firms to believe that social media can be used as an effective marketing tool, however, when leveraged correctly, social media can be a powerful asset in building up your practice.

Don’t be afraid of social media #fails

Some legal practitioners may be understandably reluctant to delve into the social media realm due to the potential risks involved when engaging with such platforms.

Unlike traditional marketing where the conversation flowed in one direction, social media allows many people to respond instantaneously, and what some people fail to appreciate is that businesses can lose control of the message rather quickly. As a result, in the off chance that something does go awry, take control of the situation and be as open as the situation requires, because the adage of the ‘cover-up can be worse than the crime’, is certainly applicable when it comes to social media.

Putting the social, into social media

The internet is the first port of call for many people in relation to a matter, and the search for high quality legal information is no exception. Publishing excellent content on social media can potentially have a number of positive outcomes. Obviously, people crave reliable legal content and by publicising your wares via social media, is a great way to build up trust. Additionally, using social media and putting some thought and personality into you efforts, can also humanise your firm, and can make your practice seem like a less daunting place to potential clients.

Remember, the ‘social’ in social media. Don’t be afraid to start the conversation today! Take a look at our social media tips and tricks chart, below, to help get you started.


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