Rising above the challenges of the modern tax department

Delve into key issues, trends, and best practices in direct tax management.

In the dynamic world of tax management, staying ahead of evolving regulations and harnessing the power of data and technology is imperative.

Thomson Reuters and Deloitte have collaborated to shed light on how the new era of tax transparency, driven by increased disclosures, affects Australian businesses. Find out how multinational entities and public companies can navigate these changes effectively.

Key issues and trends covered:

  • Global tax compliance process optimization
  • Pillar 2 and related measures
  • Tax governance and risk management

Discover how others have embraced data and technology as strategic assets to rise above the challenges of the modern tax landscape. This report is sure to be the next step in your pathway to making educated decisions when choosing the right strategy to successfully navigate regulatory complexities and resource constraints while delivering value to your organisation and stakeholders.

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