Global Trade Report 2022: Turbulence Tempered with Technology

The new Global Trade Report 2022 examines emerging trends in the trade compliance landscape. Professionals from many sectors participated to share insights on talent, technology and trade compliance priorities.

Over a third of the individuals surveyed work for companies headquartered in the US. All other respondents are employed by companies with primary headquarters in Mexico, the UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Singapore.

Repercussions of supply chain challenges

The survey found that supply shortages, tariffs, sanctions, and trade compliance requirements have repercussions on global trade compliance teams. These factors are reinforcing the complexity and importance of global trade, trade compliance, and supply chain roles. Companies are struggling to recruit and upskill enough new staff to fulfil their expanding palette of responsibilities.

Global trade innovation gaining traction

For most companies, a technological evolution is underway. Roughly half of the companies responding to this survey are in the beginning and middle stages of their technological journey. The other half are either content with the systems they have in place and/or are actively exploring the possibilities of new technologies such as AI and blockchain.

Discover what these shifts mean to trade compliance leaders and their relevance to today’s uncertain environment. Download your copy of the Global Trade Report 2022!

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