What Accounting Clients Want Now: Successful Leaders Share Insights  

A new whitepaper from Cleardocs reveals how leading accounting professionals have strengthened their client relationships despite the challenges of the past two years with restrictions on movement, stunted business operation and a long-established way of doing things. 

The pandemic forced the profession into a new way of working, accelerating the use of technology like never before. Businesses pivoted to offer online trading in an effort to survive during lockdowns and clients also adapted by communicating via Teams or Zoom. 

The 2022 whitepaper, How Successful Accounting Professionals are Deepening Client Relationships, features candid interviews with 13 Australian accounting professionals and reveals how firms and their clients have adapted to these new ways of working. The whitepaper highlights both the successes and the failings, offering valuable insights for the wider profession. 

“The challenge is for the profession to change gears and focus on what business needs now – new ideas, reinvention and help with execution.”   

Accounting firms have always delivered an important professional service to Australian businesses but the long existing demands to deliver more strategic and value-added advisory services to clients have been brought to the forefront. Embracing automation to do routine and tedious tasks unburdens accountants to focus on the things that technology can’t do – build stronger client relationships. 

The whitepaper reveals valuable and easy to digest insights on: 

  • Being proactive 
  • The importance of good communication 
  • Adapting to what clients need 
  • Embracing technology 
  • Innovative billing practices 
  • Responding to the “Great Resignation” 

Access your copy of How Successful Accounting Professionals are Deepening Client Relationships via the form on this page. 

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