Why Traditional Legal Terms are Costing Your Business [Whitepaper]

Writing short contracts in simple terms saves work for all the users, improves sales and customer relations, and saves money for the business. For general counsel, these benefits are strong incentives to produce short, simple contracts, and this article gives various examples of in-house counsel who have achieved this. However, for the lawyer drawing up a specific contract, these are indirect long-term benefits, compared to an immediate cost and risk.

This whitepaper examines the business risks of unclear, ambiguous, and complex contract terms and makes the commercial (and legal) case for a more straightforward approach. It also describes practical case studies showing the positive impact of simplification and outlines a plan for achieving it.

Daphne Perry, of ClarifyNow, practised for 12 years as a barrister specialising in English commercial disputes and worked for another 12 years in a City of London law firm. She is now a consultant, writer and trainer specialising in plain English for law and business, and international secretary of Clarity, the voluntary organisation promoting plain legal language. She also writes about commercial contract law for Practical Law UK.

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