Takeovers Law and Strategy, 5th Edition: Chapter 5 – Strategic Planning and Structural Considerations [Sample Chapter]

Taking over? Good planning is critical to a successful bid. Rodd Levy’s new edition of Takeovers Law and Strategy provides guidance on the preparations required, and the challenges that arise, before and after a bid is launched.

A plethora of tactical and organisational tasks confront the bidder. Rodd Levy’s expertise, as a leading mergers and acquisitions lawyer of many years, provides a pathway. In Chapter 5 – Strategic Planning and Structural Considerations, he steps readers through key milestones including assembling a team, due diligence, joint bids, pre-bid asset sale agreements, reverse takeovers, sale of main undertaking, dual-listed company mergers and tender offers. Whether it’s to maximise tactical opportunities or successfully integrate the target business post-bid, Takeovers Law and Strategy is the leading voice.

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