Property Settlement Goes Digital: Conveyancing Reforms [Guide]

e-Conveyancing: “This is the biggest reform to our industry since the introduction of the Torrens system, more than 150 years ago,” – Jeff Stevens, National President, The Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

On 26 February 2013, Victoria passed the Electronic Conveyancing (Adoption of National Law) Act 2013. Since then, there’s been a legislation ‘Mexican wave’ across the country, as states and territories rush to pass their own acts. This concluded with Western Australia proclaiming its law in April 2014.

In this free guide, we review the history and development of Australian conveyancing and outline how practitioners can get involved.

Table of contents:

  • History in the making
    • The Torrens title principles
    • A timeline of e-Conveyancing in Australia
  • The law behind the change
    • Following the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) lead
  • Spreading the word
  • PEXA – building the network backbone of the “hub”
  • Trialling e-Conveyancing
  • Benefits of engaging in e-Conveyancing
  • Five steps to join PEXA
  • The PEXA process
  • Risk minimisation

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