Know-How and Precedents Solutions

Thomson Reuters Know-How and Precedents

Know-How and Precedents Solutions

Managing Forms and Precedents doesn’t need to be tedious, time-consuming task. Slash time on document production with solutions to let your documents build themselves. Authored by subject experts, they provide reassuring quality, efficiency and a high degree of customisation.


Softdocs Legal Document Automation

Slash the time you spend on document production with Softdocs.

When your professional reputation is built on your knowledge and expertise, why is so much of your time spent on document production?

With fully automated forms that comply with any statutory or practice requirements, Softdocs slashes the time it takes to produce documents, so that you have more time to focus on the important things, like running your practice and offering greater value to your clients.

The product range includes the Softdocs precedent suite, Lawdocs Document Organiser, and HotDocs, the world’s leading document assembly software.

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Practical Law Australia

Practical Law Australia

Legal know-how resources that give lawyers a better start.

Practical Law is a market leading online service that delivers practical legal knowledge, market leading precedents, current awareness and workflow tools to more than 130,000 lawyers from 8,000 firms and in-house legal departments across the globe.

Practical Law Australia’s know-how resources go beyond primary law and traditional research to provide you with the support and tools you need to practise smarter, work more efficiently and advise with confidence. All of our resources are written and maintained by Australian legal writers with extensive practice experience, who understand the way you work.

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Contract Express

Contract Express

Contract Express, document and contract automation software, is trusted by the world’s leading law firms and corporations to generate standard legal documents from automated templates, reducing or eliminating the delays, costs, bottlenecks, and risks inherent with manual drafting. With automated contract drafting, lawyers are freed to work on higher value negotiations, non-standard matters, and realisable matters. The result is a faster, more efficient, more consistent, more compliant legal service. Partners and GCs trust Contract Express contract automation because their lawyers are able to quickly and accurately automate and update their legal templates in Word without requiring IT specialists to convert their legal templates into computer programs.

Legal Workflow

Legal Workflow

Smart and intuitive step-by-step guidance to legal work

Legal Workflows are procedural schematics supported by the checklists, precedents, flowcharts and decision trees your practice requires to help you conduct legal work more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy peace of mind when supervising and training less experienced staff or use them as a time-saving tool when completing tasks in novel areas of practice. Intuitive and up-to-date, workflows will become a new partner in your firm.

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Legal Forms & Precedents

Managing forms and precedents doesn’t need to be an odious, time-consuming task.

Thomson Reuters’ range of time saving precedents increase consistency and accuracy. Select from a wide range of industry recognised, commonly used and regularly updated documents including: Legal Precedents NSW and Australian Commercial Precedents.