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Legal, Tax and Accounting Research Solutions

Day to day you’re researching case law, legislation, checking the latest news. You’re drafting letters, notices, briefs.

Gain confidence and flexibility in your day-to-day legal, tax and accounting practice with our intuitive range of legal, tax and accounting research products that will also help increase your firms profitability and efficiency.

Westlaw AU
Thomson Reuters Proview

ProView eReader Platform

Your professional, FREE eReader app.

Thomson Reuters ProView™ is a free eReader platform specifically designed for professionals to access authoritative legal information in your office, in court, in meetings and on the go.

Standard features include:

  • A unique professional grade search – get detailed results without leaving the page
  • Highlight text onscreen, annotate important passages with your own comments, and add bookmarks for quick reference
  • Highlights, notes and comments automatically transfer to updated editions
  • Titles are downloaded to your device, allowing you to work without an internet connection in the courtroom, from home, in meetings, or while travelling

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Practical Law Australia

Practical Law Australia

Legal know-how resources that give lawyers a better start.

Practical Law is a market leading online service that delivers practical legal knowledge, market leading precedents, current awareness and workflow tools to more than 130,000 lawyers from 8,000 firms and in-house legal departments across the globe.

Practical Law Australia’s know-how resources go beyond primary law and traditional research to provide you with the support and tools you need to practise smarter, work more efficiently and advise with confidence. All of our resources are written and maintained by Australian legal writers with extensive practice experience, who understand the way you work.

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