Top 10 Legal Department Technology Myths Busted! [Whitepaper]

In speaking with a lot of legal departments over the years, we’ve found that many have false preconceptions, especially about technology.

In this whitepaper, we reveal the top 10 legal department technology myths and why they’re busted.

  1. Matter management and e-billing software may break lawyer-client confidentiality.
  2. Legal departments can’t keep track of everything our outside counsel is doing.
  3. If you try and get law firms to use collaboration tools, they will be unhappy and your relationship will be damaged.
  4. Cloud software isn’t secure.
  5. E-billing doesn’t work internationally.
  6. Law firms can’t budget for litigation.
  7. Outside counsel will balk at billing guidelines and rate negotiations.
  8. In-house lawyers don’t have time to enforce billing guidelines and hourly rates.
  9. AFAs are too difficult to use regularly.
  10. The value of a legal department can’t be quantified.

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