GST Exemption for Medical Device: Money News Interview with Terry Hayes [Podcast]

What defines whether a product is exempt from GST or not? Ross Greenwood from Radio 2GB’s Money News chats to our Senior Tax Writer, Terry Hayes, about GST on a medical device which aids in prevention of sleep apnea.

Right now a lot of companies are wasting a lot of time, effort and or legal money, trying to figure out if their product is subject to GST or not..

In this podcast, we hear more on how the GST law applies to medical devices and specifically, Terry and Ross’s discussion on a recent decision from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) stating GST did not apply to a particular device that sought to prevent sleep apnea. The AAT found the application of the device was specifically covered for exemption under the GST law despite the Australian Taxation Office’s initial ruling that it was subject to GST.

Interview conducted by Ross Greenwood – Radio 2GB Money News, 4 Feb 2014


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