Combatting Change Fatigue in Your Legal Team [Whitepaper]

In an era of rapid technological, regulatory, social, environmental and political change, change fatigue – the physical and psychological responses to organisational change – can have a devastating impact on your team and the wider organisation.

This whitepaper examines the ways in which you can successfully implement change programs, and new technologies or new processes, without losing valuable team members along the journey.

It makes the commercial case for investing in the change process to:

  • build a more ‘change-ready’ organisation
  • minimise disruption to existing structures or workflows
  • reduce loss of morale and staff burnout
  • reduce loss of productivity
  • improve staff engagement, development and retention.

Table of contents

  • The Challenges of Change Management
  • Building a More ‘Change-Ready’ Organisation
  • Case Study: Change Management in a Global Manufacturing Company
  • Factors Underpinning a More ‘Change-Ready’ Organisation

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